Image of Phil & Flu - Classics Vinyl

Phil & Flu - Classics Vinyl

by Flu
and Geko aka Phil Gektor


Side A

Notes From the Underground
The Plague
The Time Machine

Side B
All Quiet on the Western Front
The Surgeon of Crowthorne
Notes from the Underground Pt. 2

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With an ever growing dislike for their fellow man, Phil & Flu found inspiration and solace within the pages of sombre and lugubrious novels. With a new found source of pessimism to build on, they began crafting the ‘Classics E.P’; an ode to the crestfallen authors who came before them. Sharing production roles, ‘Classics’ takes the listener deep into a soundscape only Phil & Flu could envision. They know what production works for them and use this ability to not only create a cohesive and tenacious listening experience, but also spawn a brooding atmosphere that is constant throughout the record.

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