Image of F*ck this I'm Buying a Gun - Pre Order

F*ck this I'm Buying a Gun - Pre Order

by Phil & Flu
Geko aka Phil Gektor
and Discourse

$40.00 / Sold Out

Written & Performed by Flu
Produced by Phil Gektor
Film by Discourse

Format: 12" Vinyl & DVD combo
Release Date: 22nd April 2017 (Record Store Day)

Crate Cartel & CC:White are proud to announce the "Fuck This, I'm Buying A Gun' Vinyl & Movie combo. Written and narrated by Flu; with Phil Gektor on the production, this exciting new instalment see's a first for Crate Cartel, as Discourse has embarked on shooting and directing a film for the project.

"Fuck This, I'm Buying A Gun" tells the story of a down and out unknown MC, trying to make a mark in the music industry. Without giving too much away, the film explores various themes like drug addiction, mental illness and the local music landscape.